Each of these sites serves a slightly different purpose but all share the same clean layout. All Squarespace sites have email marketing campaigns built in so businesses can maintain email lists and send out blasts to inform customers of specials, blog posts (also an option in any of these sites), events, workshops … anything you can think of to promote your products or services and stay top-of-mind with customers! Click through each site below to see the complete design by Monocle.

Membership Sites

These sites have a membership add-on which enables people to register, gaining access to reduced rates on events and access to private, members-only pages. Membership are set to auto-renew. This can be modified to any cycle a client chooses.


E-commerce Sites

E-commerce websites showcase products or services and provide a platform for consumers to buy, and you to sell, your products.


Professional, service-driven sites

These websites feature a galleries of work and informational pages including services offerings, retreats, and workshops.
Clean, simple layouts highlight each companies/clients skills and services.